We are committed to meet the most competitive high-quality standards regarding professional-technical quality and attention to our clients, as well as committed with professional and ethical values. We seek to protect and defend the interests of our clients.

We are a Law Firm of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which successfully merges the experience arising from more than twenty years of professional practice on criminal matters exceeding the current standards, seeking to undertake innovative and strengthening solutions to the problems of our clients.

We undertake an ongoing training through the professional practice of criminal law as well as through teaching and research, in order to provide our clients a service and legal counsel of excellence both under the traditional system, as well as under the regulations of the new accusatory system.


We follow as our fundamental principles for our practice, to provide our clients high level of specialization and team work, which allows us to grant a highly professional service in each case we undertake, having all necessary means to efficiently meet the interests of our clients in any location within Mexico.

We focus in providing legal services with conclusive, innovative, creative and strategic proposals, which protect the liberty, patrimony and in general, all the interests of our clients.

We seek to represent a trustable option at all times for our clients, knowing we will protect their interests in an efficient and ethical manner.


Honesty / Loyalty / Certainty / Truth
Permanent enforcement of knowledge



TSA Abogados


Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, AC
Ilustre y Nacional Colegio de Abogados de México
ANDD | La Asociación Nacional de Doctores en Derecho
Asociación Jurídica Mexicano Libanesa, AL MUHAMI AC

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